Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO water damage restoration equipment

Most Common Water Restoration Drying Equipment at SERVPRO of Alexandria

Here is one type of the many pieces of equipment we utilize in our water restoration services. Air movers are specialized industrial fans that we use to dry hard to reach areas, like under cabinets and in crawl spaces. If you ever encounter a water damage concern, it is likely that we will be utilizing this type of equipment in your home. 

SERVPRO team packing out contents

SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside team packing out content for water restoration job

Providing a thorough and complete service is one of our top priorities here. In the picture above our team is securely moving some furniture and belongings away from a water damage site.

Sewage Back Up Leads to Water Damage

Sewage Back Up Leads to Water Damage

This homeowner encountered a water situation when they had a sewage backup in their home. Standing water can lead to damage to carpet, linoleum, & laminate flooring. When water creeps in, we will provide all the tools & equipment necessary to remediate your situation. 

two Servpro workers reviewing restoration plans and cleaning water damaged ceiling debris

Water Damage Ceiling Job

When life caves in on you, our SERVPRO® team is there to help.  We show up promptly when we are called upon to provide quick estimates and get the repair process underway.

man in yellow hazmat suit standing on ladder accessing water damage to ceiling

Restoration Work for Water Damaged Home

Alex Dublin, working on a demo of a home that experienced large water loss. Our services always include a complete inspection of what needs to be done to completely restore any damage to its previous state.

five SERVPRO workers cleaning water and mud from concrete foundation

Water and Muck Restoration Project

Unfortunately, this customer experienced a main water line break under the foundation of their office and warehouse. This produced over 10 tons over muck and debris. SERVPRO® of Marlton/Morningside facilitated the restoration of their office.